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Join Us In A Unique and Important Partnership

LawyerCorps Connecticut was formed in recognition that the entire community must come together to ensure that there is justice for all. By bringing together the region’s leading businesses, a respected community foundation, the Connecticut Judicial Branch and the state’s network of Legal Aid providers, this unique partnership can have a meaningful and sustainable impact on the critical lack of access to Legal Aid services for some of our most needy individuals and families.

LawyerCorps Connecticut is supported in part by a 2013 Innovation Grant to the Connecticut Access to Justice Commission from the ABA Access to Justice Commission Expansion Project, made possible by funding from the Public Welfare Foundation and the Kresge Foundation.

In addition, LawyerCorps Connecticut gratefully acknowledges generous monetary contributions from our Founding Corporate Partners, the Xerox Foundation, the Barnes Group Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers, UIL Holding Corporation, the South Asian Bar Association of Connecticut, the Kilman Advisory Group, Sheffield Haworth, and Kelly Managed Legal Services, as well as services kindly donated by RICOH USA, Inc. to support the program’s efforts. We also extend special thanks to Gregory and Nancy Butler, Ivan Dimitrov, Paul Kilman, and Frank Orzo for their substantial financial contributions towards launch of this important initiative.

LawyerCorps Connecticut Advisory Group Members

For more information about our Partners listed below, please click onto their organizations' logos below to access their websites directly.

The LawyerCorps Connecticut Partnership will provide strong fiscal management necessary to properly administer and account for donor funds.  The Fund will be held by HFPG, Inc. (“HFPG”), a non-stock corporation that is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt affiliate of the Hartford Foundation.  The HFPG will serve as Fiscal Sponsor for the Fund, and in this capacity will be responsible for gift management, investment of contributions, fund administration, and grant distribution to the three sponsoring Legal Aid programs.  In addition, each of the sponsoring Legal Aid member organizations of LawyerCorps Connecticut also has a governing Board and will provide fiscal oversight of donor funds it receives.

The HFPG is the community foundation for the 29-town Greater Hartford, Connecticut region, dedicated to improving the quality of life for area residents.  One of the oldest and largest community foundations in the country, the HFPG manages nearly $810 million in assets and receives gifts from thousands of generous individuals, families, corporations and organizations each year, working with them to help them achieve their charitable goals.

Since 1925, the HFPG has awarded grants of more than $559 million, and provided a host of other support and training services to a broad range of area nonprofit organizations.  In 2012, the Foundation awarded more than $27 million in grants.

The Hartford Foundation, as the Fiscal Sponsor of the LawyerCorps Connecticut Fund, has sole legal authority over the Fund.  The Hartford Foundation is responsible for gift management, investment, fund administration, and grant distribution to the three sponsoring Legal Aid programs, and will distribute grants based on invoices produced by each Legal Aid program.  Each Legal Aid member organization will provide reports to the Hartford Foundation on the use of grant dollars.

Contributions made to HFPG, Inc. for the LawyerCorps Connecticut Fund are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.  Donations to the Fund will be acknowledged by the Hartford Foundation, and the use of donations received by the Hartford Foundation for the Fund will be limited to providing support for the LawyerCorps Connecticut.

LawyerCorps Connecticut is also supported in part by a 2013 Innovation Grant from the ABA Access to Justice Commission Expansion Project, made possible by funding from the Public Welfare Foundation and the Kresge Foundation.

Because we all benefit when our system of justice works, there is an important role for you to play in our partnership.

For additional information or questions regarding LawyerCorps Connecticut, or to find out how you can make a contribution through HFPG ( and join our Partnership, please contact Charlsa (Sandy) Broadus, UTC Chief Counsel and Executive Director for LawyerCorps Connecticut, at (860) 728-7827 or

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