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Fellow Description

Positions Available

Key Qualifications

  • Skills to provide representation that meets the highest standards of legal practice and ethical conduct.
  • Passion and skills to effectively represent indigent clients.
  • Qualities and values to serve as an effective ambassador for LawyerCorps Connecticut.
  • Talents that will generate significant impact for the poor.
  • Commitment to one year of service.
  • Exceptional academic achievement.


A LawyerCorps Connecticut attorney Fellow provides comprehensive legal services to clients in civil cases, in accordance with the Legal Aid Program’s mission and standards.  To carry out this responsibility an attorney Fellow will:

  • Provide high-quality, zealous representation to clients in individual cases.
  • Develop a working knowledge of community needs, resources and desires and establish meaningful ties to the community.
  • Undertake (commensurate with experience) community and/or statewide impact activity, such as policy advocacy, community legal education, or group litigation beneficial to the low-income community.
  • Collaborate with social services providers, and community, client or other advocacy groups to further advocacy goals.
  • Work closely with other legal aid staff to meet client goals and carry out the program’s mission.
  • Increase knowledge and expertise in one or more areas of substantive law and pursue other professional development goals.
  • Perform required administrative functions.

As an ambassador of LawyerCorps Connecticut, an attorney Fellow promotes LCC values and supports efforts to sustain and expand LCC.  In addition, Fellows will also encourage others to engage in pro bono legal service activities.